Check Out The Best Tablets On The Market!

In fact, tablets don’t need any introduction because it has already reached its peak point. Tablets are the great inventions for tech lovers where one can do whatever they like for example, internet for browsing, video chat for conversations, email access at your finger tip, videos wherever you go and lots more thing. If you’re looking to buy a tablet then you have to check for the best tablets on the market. But how will you identify the best tablet on the market? It is too hard because of the presence of numerous tablets in market.



The best tablet on market should have small dimensions and lightweight design, which helps to carry them easily wherever you go. Many companies have released many tablets for this holiday, so you can get best deals for purchasing a tablet.

Let us see some of the best tablet on the market

  •  Toshiba Excite Write
  •  Google Nexus 10
  •  Sony Xperia Z

Toshiba Excite Write

Toshiba Excite write is newly arrived tablet with lots of exciting features which grabs potential customers towards it. This tablet is featured with an excellent display with 8MP of rear camera. The quality of the camera is quite decent as compared to other tablets.

It comes up with Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, which is the main reason for its success. The apps and games are running very smoothly with this high processor. If you are looking for absolutely new experience with tablet then pick out this tablet. The battery back is okay and the storage space is bit low. If you want to extend the memory, you can buy a memory card for that.

Finally, if you’re searching for a portable best tablet on market with incredible display and speedy performance then Toshiba Excite write would satisfy you.

Google Nexus 10

Of course, it’s not a big surprise to see Google’s product right! Google Nexus 10 is one of the amazing inventions from Google, it runs on Android platform. It’s featured with 2.5-GHZ duel core processor which makes the Nexus 10 runs like a laptop.

If you are asking for the best tablet on the market, Nexus 10 is the best choice! The high resolution display offers a flawless, vibrant picture for viewing photos, watching videos and for playing games.

However, it holds many benefits but it takes around six hours for charging its battery completely. Nexus 10 comes with both 32GB and 16GB memory space and you cannot extent its memory!

To be honest, the tablet would be nice when it comes with expandable memory but the amazing display resolution and lighting fast processor are the main reasons for its terrific success.

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z is extremely built with Android platform. There are many practical reasons fro its success. One of the main reasons is camera quality. You can capture ultra clear pictures and you can’t identify any pixel rate.

In fact, this tablet comes with waterproof! You can drop this tablet up to 3 feet in the water. This is the first tablet with waterproof feature.

The only disadvantage with Sony Xperia Z is – you cannot establish mobile broadband internet connection but you can establish a Wi-Fi connection. Also if the tablet comes with flash light it would be even better.