Screen Recorder Software For Windows Review

Streaming games and other types of content is becoming increasingly popular and many people are even making a living from it. Screen capture is not only a great way to boost the quality of your videos, but also an awesome aid for teaching your audience and demonstrating exactly what you are teaching in your videos, even if you are not teaching something that can be demonstrated on screen.

It’s a great way for creating bureau footage, i.e news articles, websites etc, and the best part is they are really easy to do, it’s just a matter of using great third party apps, so in this article we are going to review the best screen recorder software for windows that you can actually always use to capture high quality videos and screenshots from your computer.

Whether you want to record screen, capture screen video or record gameplay video, these applications that we tested below will surely do a great job for you and you won’t regret. They are reliable, user friendly and most convenient way to (bonus: a free license of Icecream Screen Recorder is provided in the link —->) record screen on windows 7 and 10. It can never get with, so let’s go!


TalkHelper Screen Recorder (Freeware)

TalkHelper Screen Recorder

Talkhelper Screen Recorder is free software designed to record screen on windows. It does more than just recording screen and grabbing screenshots. This software has always been ranked as number one in the market simply because it’s reliable and has various formats for both video and audio where you can record from. Anyone can use this tool to record screen from webcam as its interface is very simple.

However, it allows users to record up to only 14 days with no functional limit, so if you plan on having serious recordings, then upgrading to the paid version would be the best thing for you since then you could record for a lifetime.


BB FlashBack Express


BB FlashBack Express has no any time limit or watermarks, videos can be captured in full screen by selecting a window or by selecting any area of your screen. They do have a pro version of the software with the best editing features, but if you already have a reliable video that you use then Express will be all you need. Express is available for windows XP or newer and to use it they require that the short form should be filled out and they will send you a free license to proceed. So if you are looking for a screen recorder that is watermark free, this will do.


TinyTake for Windows


Tinytake is a premium screen recorder that will let you record short videos and capture screenshots. They offer editing tools that allow you to mark up your videos and screenshots with the txt box, picture captions along with other tools.

When you’re done recording, it saves videos locally to the hard drive. The software is watermark free, however some of the features are reserved for the pro version. The free version also has a video recording limit of 5 minutes, if you require additional features, then the premium may work better for you but if you are someone who doesn’t require many features and you want an easy to use recorder. Tinytake is available for windows and mac.


Ezvid for Windows


Ezvid video editor and screen recorder is an easy way to record capture and record anything on screen. It is absolutely a great software for its purpose being free. It has got a feature of adding cool music and using a face cam.

The tool has an easy to use video editor that can be used by anyone once you get it on your computer. Interesting part about it, is that it has a reasonable record time to secure Hard Disk Drive space, but while recording with this software, it tends to slow down your computer, just so you know.


Bandicam Screen Recorder


Bandicam is free and provides descent recordings on windows pc. Reason we call it descent is because it will permit you to record whatever business you may have going on on your screen. Best part here, is it gives you permission to revise the appearance of the videos recorded or that you would prefer to use.

You can even decide whether to show cursor of your mouse or to hide it. Bandicam is super handy for the people who love to stream video games and tutorials. Because of its simple interface and high quality results, you will find this software a great option.


Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder


Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder is unconditionally free online recording software used on windows and mac. This application will authorize you to grab video captures and record your PC screen/audio.

It comes with several selections you can choose from to record screen for example, your webcam, or only audio, and then you also have screenshot options which helps you to put together your picture file. We think Apowersoft could be a great tool for all your screencasts and more since it offers you options to select from while recording screen. It’s simple, so you can try it, after all its free.


Debut Video Capture


Debut records and captures video from webcams, recording devices and from your PC screen. It’s great for recording tutorial you can post on online sites like YouTube, streaming videos and more.

Debut certainly allow you to make a basic recording. It’s a great solution if you have lost your webcam software, it will recognise the webcams connected to your computer and record from webcam. Making a recording of your screen is even easier with this tool, you can limit the size of the screen capture and to do that make sure you’re in screen recording mode. In addition it allows you to schedule your screen or webcam recording for future time.


Camtasia Studio for Windows


Camtasia is a screen recording and video editing app for windows 7 and mac. The main purpose of camtasia is to create video tutorial and presentations. It has also been the industry standard for windows pc for many years now.

It is superb choice for easy creation information as well as promotional videos, it has got audio editing tools which surly make your recordings stand out and the screen captures are of higher quality. Anyhow, the only disadvantage with this software is that is does not support DC camera recording. Other than that, you can take a full screen capture or select different areas that you can capture too.


Icecream Screen Recorder


Icecream Screen Recorder is a free simple plugin for windows that is suitable for recording screen, games, making videos and much more. It has got the ability to capture the screen of your PC be it video or any kind of screenshot. This simple tool offers various tools for screen capture as well as video.

It is quick when it comes to recording game plays and any other videos efficiently. With this app, it’s up to you to choose the output video quality you think is good, as it has 3 options, i.e High, Medium and Low! Furthermore, you can record your video in webcam as you select the area of the screen you would prefer to grab a screenshot from your screen.


OBS Studio


Open Broadcaster Software is open source and completely free. The software is used to record screen, and videos, in addition to recording videos that can be saved to your system. Many use it to stream content and games.

With OBS studio, you can record any video and you will be impressed because there are no watermarks added compared to many screen recorders out there, the interface is not that user friendly for newbies but still will record videos as you would want to. OB is available on windows, mac and Linux, so grab it whenever you like and start recording your screen.



ShareX for Windows


ShareX Is a program that’s mainly used for taking screenshots on your computer, like screen captures and its super convenient because you can customise it the you want , you can use it to take a screen shot and store it on your computer or YouTube.

The tool offers many capture methods you can use to take from, such as Full screen, last region or active window etc. this one is defiantly a must try because it’s also very light, not the type that will consume a lot of space  on PC, and also, it has no advertisements. I’m sure we all don’t like those ads.




CamStudio Screen Recorder allows users to record full screen & any other activity on PC. The software is compatible with windows and very suitable for recording tutorials, screenshots, stream videos & game plays, etc.

It makes it possible for you to save every detail on your screen and share them with friends if need be or post on sites such as YouTube. You can also save recordings in swf or avi file format, all depends on what you like. Additionally, this tool won’t do the needful if you’re the type who likes to edit every screen capture you take since it doesn’t support it. But if you don’t really care about that, then CamStudio will get the job done.




SmartPixel is another exceptional software for windows. Its primary focus is to allow you record screen and video of your screen. It is a great video editor and can also capture all the video tutorial, webcam video etc. Its feature packed and comes with different modes for capturing screen, such as Full screen area, and pip mode. So, whatever mode you choose, it will serve it to you perfectly the way you would want. And there’s also effects for each mode you pick which makes it even more fun. Do a lot with SmartPixel, fine tune the resolutions, definition for much more amazing high quality video.




Screencast-O-Matic is a free tool that anyone can access online that you can use to create your own screen recording or videos. You can record the screen, webcam or both effortlessly but only for 15 minutes.

This software will allow you to make all the cool things you think of  while recording your screen videos, for instance, you could be in position to change the frame of your video by making it small as well as record webcam only. Plus, you are in full control of your recordings since, you can pause and resume the recording whenever you want to.


iSpring Free Cam


iSpring Free Cam is 100 percent free with no watermarks or time limit. This is one of the easiest screen recorder you could ever use on your windows PC. It has an audio and video editor built-in to remove all the background noise for any parts of the video that you don’t need. It’s convenient for uploading videos on YouTube. However, this software can only be exported in wmv format and the highest video quality is limited to 720p. Other than that, Ice cream is one i could recommend to those of you looking for an easy to use screen recorder. Its only available for windows, to download, it requires you enter an email address, and this doesn’t not necessarily mean that you have to use a real email account, then click on free download to be directed.