Evaer for Skype – Record video calls and more

Evaer for Skype is free and easily used to record Skype conversations on windows devices. The Skype call recorder is amazing when it comes to recording Skype calls with high quality sound making it super efficient for you to have interviews, conferences and personal conversations. It stores your Skype conversations perfectly that you will be mesmerized about them every time you will play them again in the future. Evaer will capture the genuine Skype video & audio information without adjusting the quality. Furthermore, saving your recorded Skype calls in hard disk is achievable only if your computer camera can record super high quality videos! Also it records in different formats such as AVI/MP4 for videos and MP3 for audio calls.


Steps on how to Record with Evaer


Download/Install Evaer on your PC.


When you get done with the step of installation, you will be notified by Skype to simply restart it in order to achieve the network


Now, you are free to make a Skype call and choose the way you would want it to be recorded.


If you want to pause the Skype recording, Evaer offers you the two buttons which are “Pause Recording” & “Stop Recording”, with these buttons at your service, you will feel so at peace because you can pause whenever you are interrupted and still resume again to continue with the recording. And if you just want to end the call, you again use the same button.



step 5

Video recording comes with different options of files, so you can always select from these for example; Picture-in-picture, local-webcam-only mode, separate files, side-by-side and remote-webcam-only mode.


If you want to go back to your Skype recordings and watch them again, all you have to do is right click on the file then click Play menu.

Advantages of Evaer

  • Evaer records both video and audio Skype conversations with high quality sound.
  • It has got a very simple interface for all users as well as its installation does not take long, it is precise.
  • There is auto chat Reply, Evaer will do the work of responding back to your Skype contacts automatically when you are away! It will make sure to leave a text to each and everyone who tries to get in touch with you at that particular moment.
  • This Skype recorder application enables you to preview the video recorded during a Skype call recording. It is absolutely amazing because it allows you to make up the mistakes you would have done before and have a chance to edit them
  • It also stores Skype voicemails and Skype messages for future reference.

Disadvantages of Evaer

  • Evaer only records for five minutes.
  • The app will not notify you during your Skype call conversations. This makes the software quit boring because in most cases users remember that their calls have not been recording after awhile when it it’s too late to turn the recording on in case it was not activated initially.
  • If you download Evaer for more than 5 times, it won’t be able to work because it’s authentic for only five times of installation.


This software is known as one of the best applications in the world with such extraordinary features for great high quality sound for both video and audio Skype conversations. Evaer Skype recorder allows its users to comfortably leave their machines knowing it supports the auto chat reply which replies back the contacts whenever you go away. It is that simple!

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