iFree Skype Recorder – What’s good and bad

ifree Skype recorder

iFree Skype Recorder is absolutely free and heavily built Skype recording application for windows  which allows you to record Skype calls in high quality and faster. This program has automatic and manual capabilities, the automatic recording is quite more flexible for interviews and other professional business because you won’t have to set it, then here comes the manual recording; it is mostly used when you don’t expect to record every call that you make or that comes in. Additionally, the Skype calls you make will be stopped automatically too, but still you can decide to stop them yourself by clicking on the stop button in Skype. iFree also comes with three disparate settings which are Record audio only, record other sides only plus Record all sides, “picture-in-picture” etc . And it will store all your Skype recordings in MP3 or WAV format for future reference.

iFree Skype is the most convenient software for those who are more interested in recording Skype audio calls since it does not record video calls. However, if you are the kind you would enjoy to have your videos being recorded too, then you might have to look for other Skype recording applications that offer both in this case. For example Talk Helper Skype Recorder!

Now you can record as many Skype audio conversations as you want without any limitations.


How to use iFree for Skype

Have you have been wondering how iFree works, just don’t stop here, continue to read below how to record your Skype conversations with this application:



  • Download and install iFree Skype Recorder on your PC smoothly.


  • After the installation, you will be now about to record your Skype calls either automatically or manually. All you will do is to click on the Start button which is the red button on the left. Then the left button enables you to pause the recording in case you have other things to finish. And when you are done you can still click on the start button to resume your conversation, it will have to just continue just right from where it got paused.


  • You will be in position to choose any kind of the Skype recording you may find convenient. All it will require you is to click options, call recording. The options would be Record both sides, record only remote side and my side, so you will click Apply and go to the next step below.



  • From here, you will again select any class of MP3 you may prefer to record your Skype conversations with by simply clicking on the options MP3 recording mode. This program offers other different sound modes such as joint stereo, stereo and mono etc.



  • Save your Skype recordings in a specified folder on your desktop.



  • One thing’s for sure about recording Skype conversations is that we don’t record them for fun, we always want to go back to our recordings and memorize, or sometimes you just want to hear their voices because you want to remember them and you have missed your family or friends. And by doing so, would give you a picture of them. Interestingly, you still have the opportunity to by going back to your history on Skype (Play and stop button) and then choose the one your heart desires to listen to.


  • It is free without restrictions and has a simple interface
  • The app supports Auto Reply messages.
  • It saves in MP3 format.


X –       It has no notification sound during a Skype recording.

  • Not the best app for professional use.



iFree is the number one application that is highly recommended by people around the world because it can be easily installed and the kind that requires quit low processor necessities  to avoid burps on your computer giving you unlimited audio calls to record all the day.


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