MP3 Skype Recorder Review – new features included

MP3 Skype recorder is freeware, simple and easy to use recorder for Skype. It is one of the best recorder applications that allow users to record Skype calls as well as conferences automatically. And on top of that it smoothly saves your Skype calls in MP3 format files. MP3 allows to record different calls at the same time for example the ongoing and then the other on hold. While that is taking place, still it will save each call separately for future reference. This program will not take too much of your time if you want to give it a chance, because it has a simple and friendly user interface. MP3 Skype Recorder posture in the arrangement tray and will do the job of monitoring each Skype call that you receive and then will automatically begin recording Skype conversations immediately you start your call.

mp3 skype recorder

Features of MP3 Skype Recorder

  1. MP3 Skype Recorder has manual capabilities, it lets you to change the settings you feel comfortable with because sometimes you may not need to record every Skype call you receive.
  2. It is good for personal use; MP3 lets you have a good time with friends during a Skype conversation because it gives you super high quality sound. You will be mesmerized to have a playback that is clear enough in the future.
  3. It is easy to use during Skype conferences.


MP3 Skype recorder is compatible with windows 7, 8, 10, so if you are a windows user, this tool was designed for you to record Skype conversations.

MP3 Skype is free; you will only pay for the premium version when you want to use other amazing features it comes with such as sample rate which is 16000Hz, Bit rate 64kbit/s and an option for notifications settings, which will let you know that you have now started your recording, and when you stop, it will still notify you that the Skype call has ended..

MP3 gives you a chance to record your Skype calls in Stereo or Mono format.

With MP3 Skype you can easily track your recordings by searching with what you used to name the Skype conversation. It could be by Name or a caption.

It will automatically help you with replying back to your Skype contacts when you are not using the laptop. So, be content and feel at peace every time you are away from the machine knowing your contacts will be responded.

It supports auto stop as well after recording a Skype conversation; however, you can still click on the stop button if you prefer to manual stop the call by yourself.

MP3 Skype allows you to make a choice of where you want to make your Skype calls for example Remote or Local.

MP3 Skype also supports the recording of audio and its details for example, the duration of the call, phone numbers and names of the caller.

MP3 Skype recorder allows to you to edit your Skype recordings, you could want to change something about your recording in the future, and MP3 would be of great help at that moment. So utilise its handy functions as well.

It gives you the opportunity to delete a Skype call recording you may not be in need of, or you may want to delete for privacy supposes.


  • The free trial version does not give you the option to either turn on or turn off recording sounds.


How to use MP3 Skype Recorder

  1. First, Download and install MP3 on your computer
  2. It will plug into Skype immediately, and then wait for you to authorize it.
  3. Then Skype will ask permission for approval to allow MP3 Skype to pair to Skype when the application starts.
  4. Therefore, you will have to Click “Allow Access”
  5. And from there, just choose Allow this Program to use Skype and then click OK Skype sanction for Skype call recorder.
  6. After that, you click advanced tab that will be on the right and then click Manage other programs access to skypelink in the last in the Skype option window.
  7. Ready to record Skype conversations now automatically and in high quality sound.

Tips for recording Skype conversations

Do not start to record Skype calls in privacy. As we all know that in some countries, you can disobey rules through recording Skype conversations secretly, do not be mean to do this without the other person’s approval. For some reason, being open to people that you are recording them is called respect.

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