Pamela for Skype Review – How to use it on Windows

Pamela is a leader software for windows in professional Skype call recorder and good high quality sound assurance for all the recordings, it will record all your Skype calls a s well as video chats, interviews and conferences, of course with the capability to edit the recorded videos if you want something different form the ordinary. This software will save all your important business teleconferences or personal Skype conversations with the people who are dear to your heart for future review.

Pamela comes in four editions; Pamela Basic, Pamela Call Recorder, Pamela professional and lastly Pamela Business. All these will record your Skype calls but the first two come with some limitations, there are some great features you will not be able to access not until you upgrade to the paid version. Regardless, all the versions offer the free trial version. So whichever you choose, you can always first try the trial versions to see if Skype call recordings are recorded in high quality sound. Because i believe that is what matters most when it comes to Skype recording. I also believe you wouldn’t want to go back to your recordings and find them not clear and disorganised, it would be disturbing and absurd. So, right here in this article we are going to prevail more of the incredible features of Pamela for Skype.

pamela for Skype

Features of Pamela

  1. All Skype calls are recorded automatically.

Who would not like to have this feature in a Skype recorder? It is one of the most convenient things to have because you do not have to manual set the settings every time you make a Skype or receiving one. All it will require you is to start talking on Skype and calls will be recorded automatically and at the same time stored when you click on the stop button.

  1. Chat Recording

Not only will Pamela allow you to record Skype calls, but also give you a chance to record your messages. This option helps us to keep records of people we are in touch with everyday. Sometimes you want to reread someone messages just to give you a smile on your face.

  1. Virus free

Pamela does not have any viruses .This clearly means that your computer will be safe from the time of downloading and installing Pamela software. So, the program is highly recommended because it will not spoil in anything on your computer.

  1. Podcasting & Blogging

One can easily download whatever they what when using Pamela software, this is one of the things that is so common with the other recorders for windows.

  1. Birthday Reminders

Pamela will not forget to remind you about your contacts Birthday, how cool is it to wake up and find a notification of your friends’ birthday, it could even be a workmate or a loved one. So wishing them a happy birthday after seeing a notification makes you look responsible too. And that is all because of Pamela software.

  1. Contact Personalization

This is important because it helps you in indexing your Skype contacts for easy search in the future or when you are in a rush looking for a certain contact and you have no time to scroll through all of them one by one.

7 .Supports Video and audio

With Pamela, you can record both your audio and video Skype calls; you can now record your interviews using video call and have live conferences too.

  1. Auto Chat Reply

The application has a tool that facilitates chat reply when you move away from your computer. It will inform whoever tries to get to you that you are not available at the moment. Isn’t that a beautiful thing? Because you will not have to worry about your friends who would think you were just ignoring them.

  1. Create cool mood messages

Pamela will allow you to add whatever comes to your mind during a Skype call just to make sure you remember something about that particular call. This feature helps you to make your memories worth being played back in the future.

  1. Conference Management

This tool simplifies your event planning by including everything you need. Additionally, Pamela allows Email Forwarding, Mono/Stereo recording option and lastly it plays sounds during Skype call recordings


Pamela offers powerful benefits. It has a simple interface that can easily be managed by anyone, whether the user is new, they will still be able to use it. And on top of that you will get quality recordings. All the features mentioned above make Pamela accessible and the best Skype recorder around. I solidly recommend Pamela for Skype for reliable and quality recordings.


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