SuperTinTin video recorder for Skype Review


Supertintin is a remarkable audio & video recorder for Skype. The program works quite well on Windows XP, Vista,7 & 8 as well as 2000 for video and audio Skype recording. This application works with Skype and it guarantees super high quality call recordings. With this software, you have so many options available like recording video Skype calls in different formats such as Side by Side, None, picture in picture, Remove webcam Only, Local Webcam Only and store recorded files in your favourite specified folder on your computer. This app will put you at ease as play your Skype recordings, you will be able to pause/stop and resume your recordings whenever you want to.

Supertintin recorder is easy for all users and you won’t find any difficulties when it comes to using it during your Skype conversations even for beginners, it is still manageable, so relax and use Supertintin Skype Recorder and enjoy a totally diverse knowledge during your Skype conversations.

In this article, we are going to show how to use Supertintin for Skype to record your Skype conversations:

How to record calls with Supertintin for Skype

  1. You will have to download Supertintin and install it to have it running on your computer.


  1. After the installation, you will see a very simple interface; it has a right-on display with picture in picture, Side by Side, remove webcam only, Local Webcam Only, Side by Side and None.



  1. You will now be ready to record Skype conversations with this app by clicking on the red button, and after your recording they will automatically get saved on your desktop. Better still, can create your own folder and save them. This helps to always go back to the recorded conversations and memorize if you want to.


  1. Supertintin will not confuse you in anyway because it does not come with large numbers of features. The red button you use to start recording is the same button you use to Stop your Skype conversations. And it’s still the same button you can use to “pause” and “resume” your recording again.


  1. And if you want to select any type of Skype recording, you just click on the options below Supertintin interface. Then click on Video and go ahead to select the option you would prefer.


  1. You will do the same thing in No 5 to select your referred Skype audio recording you are comfortable with.


  1. To check out more settings, you click on Help and then options to play around with the settings not until you get what you think is best for you.



  • With Supertintin you can choose the frame rate and size of the video.
  • The software is straightforward and simple to manage
  • It is not large, so, you do not have to worry about the space on your computer.
  • It is possible to hide the app during a Skype call recording and do other things at the same time.
  • It is easy to install and record.
  • It lets you to record in picture in picture, Side by Side, remove webcam only, Local Webcam Only, Side by Side and None etc



  • Video formats are always enabled from the options section; they are not automatic which is not flexible for some users.
  • Its free version only lets you record for 5 minutes
  • Supertintin Company always ignores the test video that was provided. It has never been successful as they do not answer it.


This app is so easy to install and it works perfectly when it comes to recording conversations. Download it now to have a different experience with Supertintin and enjoy your recorded calls in the future.

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