TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype Review – Best app for Windows


TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype is an excellent, simple and intuitive app for Skype. This program is compatible with windows versions. It works operates well with Skype, after downloading and installing this TalkHelper, it will automatically start recording Skype calls in high quality and eventually organise your files after saving them. You can save your audio recordings in formats like MP3, WAV or stereo or mono option supported etc.  It has two ways of recording, automatic and manual call recording; you choose what works for you. It literally features everything you would expect to see in a Skype Call Recorder. The most outstanding feature it has is that it records Skype calls from “within” the video with every frame during the conversation.

TalkHelper However comes in two versions which are; The FREE TRIAL VERSION and the PREMIUM VERSION. The free version will offer you with 7 days free trial without any restrictions and the premium version has few additional features such as regular updates which ensure that it remains compatible with Skype’s latest version. Once you have figured out what your needs are and you’re FINE with the price point it comes with, then you can purchase the premium version.

Why Does TalkHelper Matter

The app is fast to download and allows you to record your Skype calls in the background, plus it allows you to record both voicemail messages and Skype video calls with just one click and saves in media files on the local disk, giving you a chance to always review and replay them through media player whenever you feel like.

Regardless of the windows operating systems you are using, TalkHelper will work or be in position to operate. In addition, you can even resume previously stopped Skype recordings every time you are ready to get back to your Skype call business. Furthermore, TalkHelper will not affect you computer because it has been tested against viruses, so its spyware is absolutely clean.

Should You Buy It?

Yes. The TalkHelper premium version is fantastic. With great features, and simple interface that just summarizes everything. It’s one of the best Skype recorder software’s out there. It’s a solid buy for anyone looking for premium software. So yeah, the TalkHelper premium is the next thing that you’ll wind up buying.


  • Supports both audio and video Skype recording in high quality.
  • Well organized and easy to use.
  • Detects all Skype calls and then records them, for example (outgoing call, conferences and incoming calls.)


  • Does not have a notification sound feature to warn you when Skype starts recording calls.
  • Takes a lot of space because it is large.


TalkHelper has packed in more features, so if your priorities are still call quality, interviews, both video and audio Skype calls and ease of use, then TalkHelper for Skype might be right up your street.

And for this reason, what are you still waiting for? Get your hands on it now!

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