Vodburner for Skype Review

Vodburner Video Recorder is aimed for professional Skype call recorder on windows. The application will help you to record your Skype conversations as well as conferences; it will enable you to edit your Skype recorded videos with the capability to store all your important interviews and personal recordings for a playback in the future. Vodburner will capture each one frame without deficit of quality. It is mainly used to record Skype videos because it records both parties on the call in different files.


In addition, it allows you to pause and then resume the recording in case you get interrupted by anything, Vodburner will definitely continue you from where it got stopped giving you the freedom to work at your own pace. This software is free to download, and will enable you to cut and convert the Skype video recordings just so you may happen to edit out the sections you do not find really important. Also it gives you access to add memos or short notes on the videos you recorded.

These features below will help you have a good experience with the Vodburner application.

Software Vodburner Recorder for Skype
Audio Call Recording Y
Video Call recording Y


Features of Vodburner

One of the amazing features this software has is that it allows its users to view the other person on the video call Side by Side. This makes both the caller and the other party comfortable about each other since they are in position to view the whole face during a Skype call recording.

Vodburner application contracts with Skype as well as extra Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) applications such as YouTube etc.

This software supports automatic mode, you will not have to anything when the time of recording your Skype conversations has reached, all you will have to do is start the Skype call and the app will begin recording straight away. However it also has the manual recording, if you do not intend to record all the Skype calls you will be making in the future, then its best to change to manual recording. You only turn it to automatic when you feel it’s necessary.

Now the most interesting part is that Vodburner application is capable of recording Skype conversations in separate files /dual audio track.

The app will auto Reply to your contacts when you are not available, it will inform all those that will endeavour to reach out to you when you are away from your computer by replying them as well as export your voice messages etc.

Sharing music during your Skype conversation is also very possible and the tool will not just stop on that but also store all your Skype voicemails into MP3 files.

Downloading the app from the official website will not cost you any penny, it will only require you to authorize Vodburner Skype recorder application with Skype and you will be set to start recording video Skype conversations away.


  • The software records in super high quality
  • It is easy to install
  • It saves video recordings in MP4 files
  • The tool records Skype calls automatically
  • It supports uploading the recorded videos to YouTube
  • It stores recorded videos.


  • it’s premium version is expensive
  • It records short conversations
  • It only supports windows
  • Vodburner is large; it will consume a lot of space.
  • This application watermarks videos.
  • The free trial version is limited.



Vodburner Recorder is an extraordinary tool for windows that enable its users to record high quality Skype calls and it has got a simple interface that is easy to operate with convenient tools for editing your Skype videos.


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